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Go take a hike…

Yesterday, June being Outdoor Month, I went to Chinsegut Conservation area for a photography hike.  Such a peaceful morning to learn about the birds and the bees, 6174630016_IMG_9086 2

… and the flowers and the trees! 6174630016_img_9039.jpg6174630016_IMG_9066 2Even the resurrection vine.

6174630016_img_9021.jpgBut it was this little guy who got me thinking.  We had been seeing various footprints in the sand on the trail; raccoon, deer, birds.  But these bicycle-chain footprints had us stumped.  And then we saw this little, as yet unidentified, bug, marching along, leaving the mysterious, disproportionate, footprints in his wake.  And I wondered, as each of us march through life, getting through our days the best way we can, are we leaving behind bigger footprints than we’d ever imagine?