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Then came the Sandhill cranes…


At the end of December the lake in my backyard had a decent amount of water in it, and an island of sorts in the center.  I had just purchased a new DSLR and, as usual, I was beating myself up for the indulgence.  After all, I’d been doing well with my iPhone, except for when I really wanted to zoom in but also maintain the sharpness of an image.  That’s when I noticed a couple of Sandhill cranes laying out on the island and took a picture, having no idea that an obsession had been born.

Over the next few weeks it became obvious that the cranes were nesting, and I was hooked. I spent many hours in my Adirondack chair in the back yard, camera attached to my brand-spanking-new tripod, finger on the ‘trigger’, waiting for mama crane to stand up so I could see what was going on on the nest.  One day as I sat with my camera zoomed in on mom on the nest, dad flew into my shot and landed, with me clicking away all the while.

I was thrilled with the shots I got that day, and thrilled with the camera.  And when Mom stood up to welcome him home I was thrilled to hit the jackpot, eggs!


To be continued…