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Sandhill Crane Saga, part two…

It took a month.  A month of sitting out in my Adirondack chair with my camera focused on Mom on the nest, because I expected that any moment she’d stand up and we’d have babies.  Fortunately for my sanity there was a lot of action by the rest of the resident lakeside critters to keep me and my camera busy, but I’ll stick to my story.  On February 20th it happened.  I had already noticed that there was a baby, chick, new little crane there at left center, so I called to my neighbor and we watched the second one stand up and say hello to the world, shell remnants still visible.

I thought Mom would sit back down on the babies, but that didn’t happen.  Within a day or two they were on the bank of the lake, so they SWAM across?  Ugh, I was worried, they were so vulnerable.  One day after work when I went out there was only one baby, and after about 20 or so minutes went by I feared the worst, then the little maniac appeared out of the weeds.  That’s how I think of that little guy, a little maniac who wasted no time puffing out his chest and flapping his wings nubs.  A male I concluded.  I watched and took photos for 2 1/2 hours just to see them set sail back to the relative safety of their island.  It was only the beginning…

6241720160_IMG_2369IMG_2644Justlikedad2 copyIMG_2868

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