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Moving on…

I’m not moving anywhere, except maybe mentally plodding along still taking in all the twists and turns of the last couple of years.  But no, I named this photo ‘moving on’ because that’s what popped into my head as I was creating it.  This was the result of a class on creating nature overlays I recently took from Alice Herdon,,  I mentioned in another posting that I saw a Facebook post about a class that was being offered the same day that I saw it, so I went.  I was really feeling foolish packing up all my new equipment that I was barely able to turn on, thinking I’d be the only beginner there.  But no, many of us were in the same boat and it was a friendly and very helpful class.  There have been many classes since, and thanks to Alice I’m a lot more functional with my DSLR and Photoshop also.  Baby steps.  But I appreciate the opportunity to learn, and to make my photos the best they can be.  That makes me happy, keeps me off the streets, keeps me sane even.

And while I’m giving credit I should also mention the  I had been contemplating buying a new camera when I couldn’t get my sunrise and sunset photos to look as good in my photos as they looked in person.  But I knew that the iPhone camera was terrific, I got very good photos with it, so when I happened to see a Facebook post about the school I decided to take their online classes.  Because of those classes I was able to take my photos to a new level (for me, the beginner),  plus learning a lot about editing possibilities also.  But as great as the iPhone camera is, and many of the photos I’ve posted are iPhone photos, all my sunrises and sunsets for example, I eventually bought the DSLR after all.  Now it’s practice, practice, practice.

And homework!  I’m supposed to make another nature overlay photo before my next class, but all by myself.  Maybe writing this post is just me procrastinating, I practice that a lot…



4 thoughts on “Moving on…”

  1. Oh procrastination! You are not alone in that either! So glad to hear you are taking classes. Nothing like learning something new and your image is lovely.


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