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Sandhill Cranes #5, The ‘colts’ are growing…

Yes, they are colts.  I looked it up.  I decided that for someone who has been obsessed with these gorgeous birds for six months I probably ought to know more about them.  They start as chicks, then fledgelings, and now colts.  And right from go they have to walk at least two miles a day!  They are growing so fast that the walking is needed to develop their leg muscles.  And while they normally lay two eggs, ‘usually’ only one chick survives.  Which probably explains why they are on a ‘watch’ list, but they aren’t an endangered species.  I’m glad I didn’t know that when they were younger, I worried enough.

These photos cover the several weeks surrounding their four week birthday.  See the red Adirondack chair in the featured photo?  That’s where I sit and wait for them to come ‘home’ every afternoon.  But it’s more fun to go out to the street behind mine to catch the better light, and be a lot closer to them too.  I assume they take the same route in their travels each day.  They march down to the lake, dad clears the island, and then they walk, feed, preen, and do a lot of wing flapping.  That’s my favorite part.

They don’t seem to mind seeing my car parked, or me with the tripod, although they seem to make a bee-line for the lake.  No dawdling.  They are used to people since they live in a neighborhood, which is nice for me wanting to take pictures, but probably isn’t the most ideal for their survival. Especially with Flashlight man around…

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