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The Last Laugh…

I live in an HGTV ‘before’ house.  You know what I mean; popcorn ceilings, carpet on the floor, in need of updating.  Updating.  So functional but not au courant is just not up to snuff?  Yes, I like granite, etc., but I’ve lived long enough to know that I can spend big bucks fixing up my house now, but eventually  someone will look at it and declare that it’s in need of updating, again.

I don’t know who I would prefer to come and give my house a facelift though.  Tarek and Christina sort of lost me with all the drama a few months ago.  My favorites were always Chip and Joanna, and they are still in the running, but Ben and Erin (Home Town) are giving them a run for the money.  I like their low key style.  I lived across the street from a designer back in the day.  Trust me, if you called her a ‘decorator’ she would correct you.  She once told me that people love to boast about all the money they spent on a room.  The polar opposite of my attitude which is to boast, “Look how great this looks and I only spent $1.98!”  If you throw enough money at it it had better look great, where’s the challenge in that?


Years ago I took out the old, worn out shower doors in the master bath and put up a shower curtain.  That solved the immediate problem of rickety doors, but now I paid the price in that the wall behind the toilet had turned to mush from the overspray.  My quick fix of new shower doors had turned into a wall repair, and since they had to take out the toilet to fix the wall, a new toilet.  Same old tile, same old everything else.  I have good taste, really I do, and if I had let myself I could have turned this into a really big deal.  But as much as I daydream about ‘fixing up’, I’m too practical (read cheap) to actually do it.

So I never pictured the new shower doors in the room and what they would look like, this wasn’t a fun remodel this was a repair.  But they look great!  I told the kid who installed them that I couldn’t possibly use that shower because those doors will never look like that again.  Hence the photo.  He said, “Want to know the secret to that?”  There was a pause, and he said, “Rain-X.”  And I cracked up.  Rain-X, of all things.

Rain-X almost caused me a divorce.  I’m serious.  Once Charley discovered Rain-X he became a disciple!  Sung it’s praises to anyone who would listen.  And boy did he love when it rained!  He’d be driving and pointing out how the rain drops were beading up and rolling off the windshield.  No matter how hard it was raining, think about that a second, he wouldn’t turn the windshield wipers on.  And when I would say something about it he would dig in his heels and insist that it was fine.  So I’d flip them on… and flip him out.

So yesterday I applied Rain-X to my brand new, virginal, shower doors.  And had the strongest sense that Charley was loving every minute of it.  Shame he isn’t around to enjoy the water beading up and rolling down the doors, but I have no doubt that he is enjoying that he got the last laugh…