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The Dance of the Sandhill Cranes…

When last we saw the cranes they were heading off the lake, the wounded colt in the lead, but the rest of the family following a short distance behind.  I thought they had tried to drive him off, but maybe they hadn’t given up on him quite yet?  I know that nature provides these instincts to ensure the survival of the fittest, but my front-row seat to this twist of the story upset me greatly.

The very next morning there were three cranes out there, two adults and a colt.  Now I was convinced that the family of three I had been seeing was ‘my’ family minus our wounded one, so I was upset.  I had gone out with my camera and tripod, but the thought of the other colt on his own was so sad that I was mad at them, had to be mad at somebody, and decided to go back inside and not take any pictures at all.

Then they started to dance… bowing,


and jumping…

And I set up the camera and took pictures, but I wasn’t happy about it.