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Sandhill Cranes, the shrinking violet…

I had watched the sandhill crane family out on the lake in the backyard since before the chicks were hatched.  I came to many uneducated conclusions about the crane family life based on what I was seeing.  Putting a human spin on things, or at least what I’ve gleaned from raising kids and pets.  Of the two chicks one was always puffing out his chest and flapping his little nubs of wings right from go.  A boy, I concluded.  The other little chick seemed to stick with mom (another assumption,which was mom and which was dad), and I saw her as obedient and lady-like.  Dainty even.

Flash forward four months, months in which I hadn’t paid a lot of attention to her because her maniac of a brother (even I am rolling my eyes here) had stolen the show.  Until the whole family was out on the lake a couple of weeks ago, and, as usual, I wasn’t paying particular attention to her until I heard a commotion…

cranevshawk1cranevshawk7cranevshawk6cranevshawk4cranevshawk3cranevshawk2She flushed out a hawk!  None of the others seemed to think she needed any help either.  She is feistier than I thought…

3 thoughts on “Sandhill Cranes, the shrinking violet…”

    1. That whole thing took me by surprise. Who would ever picture a confrontation between a crane and a hawk. Maybe the hawk was just hunting frogs or something and the crane took him by surprise. So I kept shooting, only to discover that all the photos were too dark, and it was the day I was having shower doors delivered and installed and I wanted to take photos of the cranes but I was afraid to miss the workmen. So as I took the photos I knew I might have some good ones, but I forgot all about it and never tried to see what I had for over a week. I’m so glad I didn’t just toss them, and thank goodness for Photoshop!

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      1. I would not imagine it normally, but I have come to realize that the more I learn about nature… the less I really ever knew. I never knew about the behavior of bluejays either, until I witnessed it myself. Nor did I pay much attention to squirrels. I guess it is a blessing that we take up the camera and now notice. There is so much to learn!

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