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Photography classes…

I’m so lucky I have photography classes available to me.  I’m being dragged ahead, not exactly kicking and screaming since I’m a willing participant, but my old brain isn’t taking readily to what we have been learning.  But, on the other hand, I am making progress, and I really want to take better pictures, and learn to use more of what photoshop offers.  So to that end I’m going to post the photo of my project from the Vintage Nature postcard class that I took on Sunday.  And then I’m going to make another one.  I decided to do one called DOGS, because my dogs are frequent subjects of mine so I have lots of photos of them.  I’ve already made several starts, the first of which was called I LOVE DOGS, which I shortened for exactly the reason you’d think I shortened it.  I’d better get to it…vintagepostcardsue


Kudos to Alice Herden and her photography workshops.  And her patience with her students!

And, in case you wondered, the featured photo is my dogs when we brought Ozzie home to live with us 7 years ago.  Doesn’t Zoe just look thrilled?  Here they are now…nowdogs.jpg