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Flowers and water drops…

Evidently catching water droplets in your flower photos is a ‘thing’.  It was mentioned in the iPhone photography classes I took, and also at a recent Creative Nature Photography class.  I love the photos we got, but it wasn’t until I decided to write this post that I realized that I don’t know what the flowers are, except pretty.


Maybe it’s just my love of dogs but I think this last one looks like a dog.  We spritzed the flowers with water to get these pictures, but I’ve also gone out after the rain to see what I could see in my own yard.  In which case I can also add that this is hibiscus…hibiscusdropAnd lastly a crepe myrtle drop.  If you are lucky you can sometimes capture a reflection in the drop, or so I’m told.  That remains to be seen…crepemyrtledrop

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