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How it started…

Yesterday was my oldest grandson’s birthday. Most of the time when I think of an event from the past I want to say that it seems like yesterday, where did the years go? But Kevin’s birth does seem like such a long time ago. I can see us all in my minds eye, so young, even us grandparents.

It was such an impossible thought, that your child could have a child. I was totally in awe of this baby. And he had cornflower blue eyes! I was looking at a child that ‘belonged to me’ and he had the most gorgeous blue eyes. It was a long time ago now, but the memories are crystal clear. He’s the reason I take pictures!

I’m not sure I even had a camera until Kevin was born. I knew I’d want to take pictures but I’m pretty sure that when I said I wanted to buy a camera I wasn’t talking about a 35mm, but my husband insisted. I would visit for the weekend and take four or five rolls of film and drop them off to be developed on my way home. One hour developing, doubles, it cost a fortune, and there were only a few that were really good. But those few made it worth the expense. So many memories from the past are remembered in a bit of a fog, but not this, I can see it so clearly, and feel the emotion as if it was happening right now.  As I sorted through the photos from one of my first trips to visit him this is the picture that took my breath away. This is the photo that started a hobby that would mean so much to me all these years later. So thank you Kevin, and happy birthday!IMG_6638