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Where is the…

A place for everything, and everything in it’s place has never been my motto. I wasn’t aware of this until my (now ex) husband was rummaging around in the kitchen drawers one day and finally asked, “And where do we keep the can opener on Tuesday?” I should never have repeated that story to Charley because over the course of our marriage he asked me that same question every time he couldn’t find something, which was a lot of times in the 34 years we were married. Keys, glasses, remote controls, I don’t think those sorts of things should even count because that’s normal stuff that everyone misplaces, right? Keys and remotes just get buried under stuff or fall in the crack of the upholstery. But glasses, well, they could be anywhere. As soon as I’m finished with something I just put it down, it no longer exists in my consciousness, my mind has gone down another rabbit hole. So the next time I need the screwdriver/hammer/scissors it will require all my detective skills to find it/them. I can’t put it in it’s place because it has no ‘place’, or worse, it has multiple places which defeats the purpose entirely. Sigh.

But if there is one thing that I spend more time looking for than actually using, it’s the Swiffer dusting tool. Oh, I know where it is, it’s standing in a corner next to the last place I used it. But where? I roam the rooms, looking in all the corners. I look to see if it has fallen down and is under or behind something. I get more than a little annoyed with myself, because this happens every time I want to use it, but the next time I need that darned thing I can’t find it again. Yesterday took the cake. I had looked everywhere, twice, and out of desperation I opened the door to the walk in closet, telling myself that I was being ridiculous because of course it wasn’t there. And there it was, exactly as you see it.  If I had tried to hide it I couldn’t have done a better job, which is why I took a picture. But the good news is that I think I’ve figured out a solution. If I buy a Swiffer duster for every room I can’t lose them, right? Or will there just be six of them lined up like soldiers in the closet?

Such are the joys of my messy house. I don’t have to roam the corners of the world seeking adventure, not when every day is an adventure right in my own home…swiffer