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The Stealth Photographer

There I was, sitting in my car in front of a random stranger’s house. I had walked past the house a few minutes before, but didn’t want to approach with the dogs in tow. I had driven back over, and was now trying to decide if I really dared to get out of the car and do what I intended to do. What if they saw me? What would they do? Would they come out and yell? Would I run, or stand my ground and apologize for invading their territory?

But I had made the effort to be there and it was still early, I wouldn’t be too exposed in the early morning light. I got out of the car. My feet were already wet from the dog walk so I hardly felt the dew on the grass. I pulled my phone from my pocket and turned it on, to have it at the ready. I glanced around, no one was watching. The cactus buds had been threatening to open for days, I had checked each time I walked the dogs. But today was the day. I rushed to take a few pictures hoping they would be okay, and then hopped in the car and drove away. A stealth photo attack.

Which was really silly I decided on the short drive home. Had they looked out the window what would they have seen? I forget sometimes, I’m old! I tried to explain this to a young girl at work one day, that she is looking at me and sees me as I am, but I’m looking out at her thinking I’m just the same me I’ve always been. How I act, and how I present myself, is in conflict with the reality of who I actually am these days, which is gray haired and wrinkled. But, I thought, I could use this to my advantage. Had those people looked out what would they have said. “Hey, honey, there’s an old lady on the lawn taking pictures of our cactus flowers.” This probably wouldn’t have caused alarm, and hopefully not caused anger.

But to further my advantage for future photo ops perhaps a wardrobe adjustment is in order. Flamboyant, mismatched garments, with lots of scarves. And a hat, preferably with feathers. If they came out and yelled at me I could just keep insisting that this was, say, Julia’s house, and keep asking them what they were doing there. But make my get-away before they called the authorities. This could work. I’ll mull it over it in the dark and quiet one day. It would only take one good picture to make it all worth it…