Waterbirds and more…

The waterbirds on the lake are just beautiful.  Yes, even the ones that aren’t Sandhill cranes.  I enjoy seeing Egrets, Little Blue herons,  and Ibises daily.

But more surprising to see on the lake are… chickens.

They belong to my neighbor, and they seem to subscribe to the ‘grass is always greener’ school of thought.  Except it’s probably that the bugs are always juicier on the other side of the fence.  When they first started coming over I would panic, thinking how vulnerable they are in my yard with no fence.  Vague worries of coyotes or hawks.  But when I nearly let the dogs out back one day, not realizing that the chickens were there, I was then worried about what kind of mayhem might take place if I did let the dogs out when the chickens were there.  Not that I thought the dogs would actually harm them, but one of my girl Zoe’s favorite pastimes is running through a flock of birds to make them fly.  And she regularly runs along the edge of the lake and makes whatever birds are there take flight, just for the fun of it.  I don’t think they take her seriously though because they don’t go far.  But I pictured the chickens just taking flight and… disappearing.

But of course the day came that I opened the door and let the dogs out first, and noticed the chickens second.  And… nothing.  The dogs paid no attention to the chickens and vice versa.  Not at all what I expected.  Evidently they have seen each other through the fence for long enough now that they are one big happy family.  Whew.

But Zoe does have one other bad habit.  She will nose her way into the cabinet, pull out the trash can, and leave a trail of trash all over the place.  Something I never thought to immortalize with a photo.  But she only does that when there are chicken bones in the trash, she simply can’t resist the chicken bones.  So I have to hope that Zoe never figures out that those chickens out back, pecking and scratching and roaming around, are actually chicken bones on the hoof, so to speak.  Then there might be trouble…


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