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Comings and goings…

I picked up my dear friend from the airport yesterday for a visit. I’m always amazed at the easy drive to the airport. Get on the Suncoast parkway and stay in the right lane all the way, 40 miles or so, and it will deposit me at the airport in Tampa. And the airport itself is a marvel, at least in my limited experience with airports. It seems that where ever you park in the parking structure there is a bank of elevators nearby, no long walks through parking lots. And when you get off the elevator at the waiting area at level three you have restaurants and a very nice shopping area arranged as a hub, with the gates to the planes on the perimeter. The easy drive was appreciated since my mind was wandering as I drove, thinking of what we might do while my friend is here, and it was all going perfectly until I walked off the elevator from the parking garage expecting to wander the shops while I waited. There were no shops, or almost none. I stopped in my tracks to look around, only the Starbucks shop told me I was in the right place. I thought I had gotten off the elevators at the wrong level for a second. This lovely airport that I enjoy so much is being renovated. 69 new shops are coming according to the signs. Progress I suppose, but I thought it was perfect as is. On the other hand, when we come back next week we can sit and enjoy dinner at PF Chang’s before she has to leave. But I don’t want to think about our next trip to the airport right now, we are going to have some fun first…

We were off to Sam’s Beach Bar for some apps, and a little something alcoholic to wait for the sunset.  As we waited for the sunset kids were playing as people gathered with blue balloons, which they released all at once at sunset.  A sad memorial perhaps.

The sunset was pretty, but so was the sky to the east…


And lightning in the sky all the way home, which reminded me that I have an app called LightningCam2 in my phone, so then there is this…lightning

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