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Bucket list…

One of my visitor’s long time bucket list items has been to go kayaking. Rotator cuff issues had kept us from attempting this on her previous visits, but we were a go for yesterday. We got to the Kayak Shack early as an attempt to avoid the worst of the heat of the day, and the unintended consequence of that was that we had the river to ourselves for the first couple of hours we were out there. That was a good thing since I was the experienced kayaker with three previous kayak trips under my belt, and she had never been in a kayak before. But we got the hang of it and paddled for 2 1/2 hours against the incoming current, passing by houses with docks and decks overlooking the water. I thought how lovely it would be to sit out at the river’s edge and watch the manatees swim past. We also paddled through areas that were completely natural, and marveled at the crystal clear water.  Which is only a foot or so deep in a lot of areas.  Which explains the instruction that was given to us that if we tip over ‘just stand up’.  As the day went on we saw more and more kayaks, and paddle boards, and people of all ages, and even boats with motors, which is when our inexperience at maneuvering our two person kayak really showed. But everyone was unfailingly friendly and it was a truly perfect day, especially when we saw several manatees as we headed back.  And the trip back, with the current, only took a little over an hour!

So peaceful…

Some expected, and unexpected, ‘wildlife’…

And while many people had pulled their kayaks over to swim, and kids swung on rope swings, we didn’t stick a toe out of the kayak after seeing this…fairwarning

We hope to do this again while she is here, but my friend says that next time she wants her own kayak!  Now that she’s a pro like me…

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