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With my friend in town I suggested a trip to the Hard Rock Casino yesterday. I pictured a nice photo op with their sign out front but Siri dumped us into a very un-scenic parking garage instead. I was remembering my one and only trip to the casino when my sister was visiting, and on the first spin of the machine I randomly sat at I won a little over $100! I was telling Kathy about that and we sat, I clicked, and won $315! I’m considering quitting my part-time job and just going to the casino three days a week. Or was it after I won another $135 that that came to mind?

Of course we left with the winnings and went to the International Mall for a little air conditioned shopping. We entered the mall through Dillards, and as we walked in I stopped in my tracks and said, “I smell Charley.” He used to wear expensive colognes, and the one he wore when I met him was called Eau Sauvage, and right in front of us was the men’s cologne counter with a display of the newest Sauvage cologne. He had long moved on to different colognes so I hadn’t actually smelled that one in years, so perhaps they had tweaked it somewhat, but I could still recognize it. It seemed like Charley was commenting on my good luck at the casino. Of course I applied some, and then the salesman made up a little sample bottle for me when he heard the story. What a nice addition to what was already a nice day, and totally out of the blue.

Seemed like we were on a roll so we had lunch at the same restaurant that Charley and I had discovered, Brio, and Kathy loved the spicy shrimp and eggplant appetizer that Charley and I both used to get for our lunch there. It was a thoroughly perfect day from so many points of view. And I got to share it with someone special also, what could be better?

We drove home through a storm, and the remaining clouds later on seemed to suggest another sunset photo opportunity. Which were the only photos we took yesterday. A perfect day…

2 thoughts on “Surprises…”

  1. Happy for you and your good fortune, especially made even better being with you’re long time best friend. Have a wonderful day.🌞


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