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This blog post is for my friend MaryAnn who said that she couldn’t wait to see today’s post as she sent my friend and I off to a Painting with a Twist class last night. Neither of us had ever done a class like this before so we had no clue what to expect. Though the instructions to arrive 15 minutes early to get ‘uncorked’ and aproned-up should have been a clue. We also have never claimed to have any particular talent at painting, as you can see. But talent wasn’t a requirement to having fun and enjoying the evening. And it was all for a good cause to boot!

Food, friends, and fun, what’s not to like.  Wonder woman was responsible for most of the photos…


A friend commented to my friend that with the plethora of widows in Florida that the two of us would have to ‘step up our game.’  I wonder if this is what he had in mind?

It was a day of playing with photo projects a la Pinterest, capped off by a fun evening.  Always so much better when shared with friends…


8 thoughts on “Uncorked…”

  1. Fun! Fun!! Fun!! Glad we got to go….and nice to put faces with the Florida people you talk about. How did we do Mary Ann?


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