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At 6:15 on a work day I’d be driving the 3 miles to work. Lately the sky has been light enough at this time to not have to turn on the outside lights to let the dogs out, as I just did, but I see the pink streaks that are developing in the sky out there. As I drive to work the streaks become redder, and the sky becomes full of blue and pink stripes, and I regret that I’m not out for a sunrise photo session instead of heading to work.
Just now as I stood out back with the dogs, thinking that it was getting pretty out there, the birds, cardinals I think, began to sing. A tease since I can never spot them in the trees now that the leaves are thicker than they were over the winter. And then the pond noises begin. Happy pond creatures celebrating daily rain we’ve been having, The rain doesn’t last long so the water levels out there don’t seem to be gaining any ground, but not losing either. It seems to be enough to make the pond creatures happy though. It’s always amazed me that their song will start softly and then gradually get louder as if there is a volume control knob out there somewhere and someone is turning it up. And just as amazing is when all at once it just softens to a low hum. It’s very peaceful with it’s ebb and flow.

Unlike lately, with the fireworks. The various holidays have always seemed to include a few fireworks going off somewhere in the neighborhood, but not enough to be something to let bother me much. My sister, on the other hand, has commonly complained about them in her neighborhood because her dog is more bothered by them than mine are. Up until this year I didn’t get it. This year I think we may have had dueling families setting off fireworks for the 4th. They must have had big displays, judging from the constant barrage of noise that I was hearing. I could also see some at the edge of the lake behind a house to my left,. I was grateful for the rain we’ve had because not long ago everything was so dry out there that I wonder if they’d have started a fire. I never thought my dogs minded the noise of the fireworks, and Zoe was asleep on the tile floor as usual. But Ozzie was extra drooly, a sure sign of stress, and he took refuge under my desk. A bit of a cave for him. When I went to bed I opened the walk in closet for him and he slept in there, a place he’s never gone into before. But it was over fairly early, or I fell asleep and missed the rest.

The disruption was enough to make me appreciate the peace and quiet of the every day routine around here. When I was younger I loved to be busy, loved the hustle bustle of family life, but now that a less hectic life is the norm I’m happy to be here in the quiet with my thoughts, and my dogs…

2 thoughts on “Routines…”

  1. And now I can vouch for the volume control out on the lake. Sometimes the ebb and flow can be dramatic. Comforting noises as part of that routine.


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