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It was my birthday yesterday and I got notifications from Facebook of ‘on this day’ posts I made on my birthday over the years.

My dear sister-in-law made this card for me in 2012. These are the men who were also born in 1948, still applies five years later I suppose.joaniecard

In 2014 I posted this;
Well folks, it wasn’t the birthday of my dreams. I had to call 911 for Charley again, and this time he was admitted to Oak Hill Hospital. He has internal bleeding so they are going to give him some blood tonight and we’ll see what tomorrow brings. That’s all I know really, and I’m so tired I can’t see straight which is why I’m letting Facebook do my talking tonight. That poor guy has felt like crap for way too long. But that won’t get him off the hook, he’ll owe me a big time birthday celebration next year…

We had no idea that the immune system issues in play would be fatal, but he was gone in just two months. I made a plan that I would bring his ashes to the family plot in Baltimore the next summer, and it happened to coincide with my birthday. It was good to settle him there.

In 2015 I posted this;
One year ago today, on my birthday, I called 911 for Charley. I remember saying that it wasn’t the birthday I’d had in mind, but that I’d get him to make it up to me on my next birthday. Well, it’s that next birthday, and I’m about to head down 95 with all my unfinished business now finished, and the road ahead a blank slate. Not exactly the trip to Key West that I had in mind when I wrote that post, but I feel as if this is a turning point for me. It’s all up to me now, to make my life whatever I want it to be. I feel confident about the future, and part of is because you’ve all let me work this out by stumbling through it all on Facebook. Thank you everyone, your support has meant so much to me. One more day among family and then it’s me and the dogs, headed for home.

This year I have had my closest friend here, and  we did something yesterday that was a first for both of us.  We had driven to the beach and our intent was to wade in the water a little, and shop, and possibly grab a snack at a beach restaurant.  But the water was calling us, and even though we weren’t prepared we went swimming.  In our clothes, no skinny dipping for us.  Could that be an example of making my life what I want it to be, letting go and doing what I want instead of what I’m supposed to do?  Or just a couple of old friends letting loose and enjoying our last year of being in our 60s?pass-a-grille