‘Til next time…

I took my friend back to the airport to go home last night. We have now established that a solid week together isn’t enough time to say, or do, everything we’d like to. On the drive we were talking about what we didn’t do and planning what we would do next time. It was a perfect week.

When I got home I spent the evening looking over the photos from the week, and there were lots of them since going out for photo ops was a big priority of the visit. I had gotten away from sunrise and sunset pictures for the last few months or so. It had seemed as if the photos were mostly the same because the locations provided the same settings every time. But our trip to Pine Island was definitely different. I had only gone there once or twice before, mostly opting for Bayport next door. But Pine Island is a beach, and the tide was out when we went which totally changed the photos. There were lots of people wading at the water’s edge, creating silhouettes, and the puddles in the wet sand reflected the light. I saw these and told myself that I had overdone the exposure adjustment on my iPhone, but I checked and these were taken with my Canon DSLR with no adjustments in Photoshop