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American White Ibis

Things at the lake have been disappointing lately. Oh the lake looks better, or greener at least. With our daily thunderstorms we still have water out there, but not a lot. All spring it was dry and brown looking out there, but it seemed like every day I could sit out back with my camera and take pictures of lots of different birds who flocked there. Beautiful birds, with tired, brown weeds as the backdrop. I suppose I expected that this is how things would go on, but there are very few birds out there these days.

Cranes were plentiful on the lake, even after the family I was following had moved on. It seemed like I would hear them every day and look out to see one, or two, and even six one day. Lately as I drive through the neighborhood I see four adult cranes with one colt, and of course I have no way to know if any of them are from the family, but they do seem to like the same corner where I used to see the ones I was following. The last time I saw the colt who had been hurt was the day I took his picture with his wings spread, so I choose to think that he was well and grown enough to take care of himself. I still hope to see him again, and recognize the ‘ding’ in his ‘shoulder’.

Did I say there are very few birds out there? That’s not exactly true, I still see many American white ibis out there. I’ve taken lots of pictures of them but I was too distracted by the cranes to pay much attention to them.  They are as beautiful as they are plentiful.



5 thoughts on “American White Ibis”

  1. I just love that you have this beautiful water source back…I was so sad when it disappeared for a while. You are so fortunate to have that in your backyard, thank you for sharing such a wonderful gift!


    1. Thank you. Yes, they are beautiful and they are always out there. I miss being able to see so many different birds out there, but then I remember that I wasn’t always paying attention and still they were there…


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