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Happy little neighbors…

On her recent visit my friend made an observation about the squirrels here in Florida. She said that they are much smaller than the squirrels that live in her rural New Hampshire back yard. I thought that made sense in a very practical way. Her squirrels need to be robust to make it through the New England winter. They have to be busy preparing for long cold days, their summer vacation must be spent tucking away food and cozying up the nest if they are going to survive the winter that always comes.

Our squirrels here in Florida are busy too, busy chasing each other endlessly up trees and around and around the trunks. If you come outside for anything they hang around to see what you are doing. During all those hours that I was sitting and watching the cranes raise their babies out on the lake the squirrels were always there, distracting me with their antics and posing for photos.

I’ve decided that the reason for all of this is that our squirrels here in Florida are happy little retirees also. This is where they come to live the good life. No winter to worry about and an endless buffet of tiny little acorns from the turkey oaks, and people out in their back yards doing silly things for their amusement. They must have loved it when Kathy and I were blowing bubbles out there.

PS, did I forget to mention that they sometimes do yoga?