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Just dreaming…

In my younger years one of my big fears in life was that I would wake up in the night, because I’d never get back to sleep. It was our dental office that would keep me awake. I’d ask myself if I had called that patient back, or followed up on that insurance claim for a patient, or, worse, did I call in that prescription? Legitimate concerns to stress over even if you can’t do anything about them in the middle of the night.

Now I’m retired with no stress, but what keeps me up is HGTV. Not watching it in the middle of the night, but thinking about how much I want to smack those 20-something gals who are shopping for McMansions and whining over their dream house with their dream kitchen. Really, their dream anything? How long have they been dreaming anyhow? Is it me, or is it my generation, but I too have spent lots of hours dreaming of dream kitchens and dream houses. But I always knew they were dreams. Keep being a good girl and living up to your responsibilities and maybe then you’d have earned it, was how I thought it worked.

Or was endlessly dreaming about these things actually the whole point? Because my dream house has evolved with the times, so much so that the tiny house movement seems to make a lot of sense to me these days. My little kitchen functions well enough for me, and my recliner is where I always sit, and I sleep in the same sliver of my king-sized bed that I always did even when I wasn’t alone. How much of this house do I actually use? I know that it was at least 15 years ago that the idea of retiring to FL became yet another dream, and suddenly all the things that I had lusted over and eventually accumulated seemed as if they were weighing me down. So much of what I owned meant nothing to me. We downsized to this house, I thought, but it still is bigger than I need. Downsizing is ‘in’ right now, but I think that my leaning in that direction started before the media blitz. But the blitz is on and now in addition to the whining about the granite being the ‘wrong color’, I get to hear the house hunters on Tiny Houses complaining that there is no place to put their clothes, or where would the kids sleep? Really people? Your house will stay tiny but your kids won’t, what are you thinking looking at tiny houses with kids in tow? They are driving me crazy. But a tiny house for me, now that might make sense, if I get rid of all my junk and put the dogs on a diet…

4 thoughts on “Just dreaming…”

  1. So true! If only we could turn off our brains at night. I do see the same whiney brats complaining about their million dollar prospects for a new home. I live in a house that 118 years old. Worked hard to get it and will always be working hard to keep it up…….at least until I sell my soul and fit into a tiny house too!
    But, there will always be room for you!


  2. I’m always trying to downside things around here. I hate having more things like more room than I need. I see people buying huge houses on HGTV and all I can think of is… all the work that goes into cleaning all those rooms. Perhaps it is wisdom…


    1. Exactly. Or I look at these young people with nearly million dollar mortgages and think that they’ll be slaves to their bills for the next 30 years. Don’t know what the alternatives are with prices so expensive…


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