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Walking the dogs…

When I’m up on a work morning the dogs seem to understand what the routine of the day will be.  They never bother me to go out, and I have to roust them out before I leave.  And they don’t bother to escort me to the door either, they know I’m off to work.

But on a day off all bets are off.  By 7:30 or so they are milling around and dropping dog toys in my lap, it’s time for a walk.  And I have to smile at their excitement when I pick up the leashes, they act like it’s Christmas morning.

While Zoe was ‘busy’ Ozzie spotted a black cat watching us from under bush, and I was experimenting with one handed photography on my iPhone and caught myself while taking a picture of the pretty pink flowers on the mailbox.

A few years ago this house was bright pink, what you could see of it through the overgrown shrubs that were taking over.  The new owner has worked on this house from day one, painting, new roof, and fabulous landscaping.  I’ve watched the progress on the dog walks, it looks great.  I’d love for my home to look this good, but I like sitting in my recliner too much to do the work, especially in the summer.  And I noticed this house on the right for sale, just up the street.  I expected to dazzle you with how inexpensive the houses are here, but the listing says $149,000.  Zillow says $109,000.

Speaking of relaxing, this is why it’s worth it to me to walk the dogs.  But only early when it’s still cool, and when the sun is still low so there are lots of shadows across the road.  And also when the sky looks blue, and clouds are puffy and white.  As we were coming up my street, heading for home, I heard the rumble of thunder, and shortly…rainy