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Butterflies flutter by…

I spent the last six months obsessed with cranes, we’ve established that.  Probably because that’s what I’d see out my kitchen window every day.  Who wouldn’t go outside to watch tiny crane chicks right in their own backyard?  For whatever reason the cranes have moved on at the moment, but what I am seeing every time I look out the window is butterflies flitting around the plumbago out there.  I can’t resist going out with my iPhone and practicing what I learned in the iPhonephotographyschool.com.  I still use my iPhone a lot even though I have also invested in a DSLR.  Having your phone in your pocket is the photography equivalent of being a quick draw in the old west!

As much as I loved my phone and have had an iPhone ever since I stood in line with the rest of the crazy people on the day they released the first version, I didn’t know how to use the camera to it’s full potential at all.  Which came as a bit of a surprise since I got some really great photos with it in spite of not knowing what I was doing.  Then I saw a list of iPhone photography tips from the iPhonephotographyschool, and I didn’t know a single one of them.  I was hooked!  One was that you can set the focus by tapping the screen where you want to focus and holding it a second so it locks.  This made a huge difference when I was standing in the backyard trying to get my photos to reflect the color of the sunrise that was right in front of me.  When I set the focus on the red color in the sky it worked perfectly.

For the butterflies photos I locked the focus on a flower from about 4 feet away, and now I could chase butterflies around and when I got them in the 4 foot or so range I could hold down the shutter button taking ‘bursts’ of photos.  The theory is that even though you’ll get a lot of photos to toss, your chances of getting a few that are in perfect focus will be much higher doing it that way.  It applies anytime you are trying to photograph kids, or pets, or any moving subject.  I never take iPhone photos without setting the focus, it has become second nature.   I also take bursts with my DSLR, and I’ve gotten some good butterfly photos with that too, but it takes a cooperative butterfly that will hold a pose a second.

As long as I passed the lock focus tip along let me also mention that after you lock the focus you’ll see a little sun symbol right beside the focus ‘box’.  Slide your finger up or down anywhere on the screen and it will adjust the exposure.  Try that with a sunrise or sunset photo and you’ll be hooked too!