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The Rest of the Story

My lake hasn’t seen much crane action at all in weeks, but here and there around the neighborhood I see a group of five cranes, four with their red heads and one colt. So I got quite the surprise when I went out back yesterday and there they were, the five cranes, and right in my backyard. Your guess is as good as mine as to whether they include any members of the original crane family, but I usually see them on the same corner that the family also liked. I think the colt is showing a red blush on her head, if it’s one of our colts then it’s just five months old.

There are still some surprise wildlife sightings out back now and then. I saw a cute little bunny out my kitchen window one day and thought I was nuts for grabbing my camera to try to get a picture, but he never moved a muscle as I slowly let myself out onto the patio. After a few photos I moved to get a different angle, kind of hoping that he’d move and give me some different shots, but nope, he stayed put, never moving a, ahem, hare.

From my chair I can see my hibiscus bush out back, and I couldn’t help but notice that it was shimmying and shaking in a most unusual way the other day.  Upon further investigation I discovered that my little Peeping Tom was at it again.

In case you were wondering, my new shower doors are still looking fantastic. I reapplied Rain-x the other day, the first time since my original application when the doors were brand new.  And, I have never once taken a shower without squeegeeing the doors off. No wonder they are still looking great. My mother would be so proud.