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The Lure of the West…

It was 1991 when my husband decided that he wanted to take a trip ‘out west’, to see for himself the landscapes we used to see in the westerns on TV when we were kids. So he made a list of places to see on the trip, which included the Grand Canyon, Mt. Rushmore, the Rockies, and everything in between. It was my turn to try to impress upon a person who had grown up on the East Coast just how vast ‘the west’ really was. My introduction to this fact was when I was visiting my (now ex) in-laws in Colorado Springs and I got a brilliant idea for what we could do that day, we could go to the Grand Canyon! They laughed, and I felt silly, but to a New Englander when something is in the next state over it’s a day trip.

We got travel brochures from friends who had been to various places out west in the past, and lots of advice as to what to be sure to see. This was in the dark ages, before computers, and GPS, and even cell phones! My husband decided that what he wanted to see was all available in Colorado, so that’s where we headed. I had my new 35mm camera and I took lots and lots of pictures. It wasn’t hard to find 1 hour photo developing places, so we didn’t wait to get home to start enjoying our pictures, and I put them into an album, with notes, right away. Thankfully, since I can at least have some idea of where they were taken. But it is so frustrating to look at this album now, in this digital photo age. I want to pinch them open to see the details better, and adjust the exposure. I can see that some of them really would be great pictures… with some adjustments. Oh to be able to be there now and taking photos! I want a digital do-over!


We brought our dog, Nugget, with us on this trip.  We thought she was on her last legs at the time, but the Colorado air must have done her a world of good because she lived to be 18 years old.  She loved the trip, I took her picture once I noticed that she was always looking out the side of the car with the best view.

1 thought on “The Lure of the West…”

  1. Nugget was such a sweet dog. I remember when you came for a visit and Nugget and Norton were with you too. I will have to find the photos of them with my dog Maggie. Especially the one of the dogs waiting at the front door for you to return from doing an errand.. A good memory.

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