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Sunset at Dunedin, FL…

I had just started the classes offered by the in June of 2016. The classes were eye-opening and I was anxious to put what I was learning into practice, and sunsets and sunrises were the photo ops that I sought out back then.  To that end I headed to Dunedin, FL, where I had visited for my son’s wedding a number of years before.  It proved to be a pleasant sunset experience, with music provided by a nearby restaurant, and a marina to provide fodder for extra photos. I’ve wanted to go back ever since that first photo trip, but there are closer places for sunset photos and so far I’ve opted for the easier photo ops. But remembering how much I liked the photos I took that night made me look for them in the computer today, afraid they weren’t there. But, yay, there they were, and now that I look at them again I love them all.  They were taken with my iPhone 6+. by the way. What a nice setting for photos, I’ve got to go back…

4 thoughts on “Sunset at Dunedin, FL…”

  1. These photos are fabulous! You have a great eye for the photo composition and this looks like an A+ location for gorgeous sunsets!


    1. I went again since it was on my mind yesterday, but the pier was closed, so not quite the same experience as last time. But I went to the Edgewater road park adjacent to it and that was so nice. The temperature was still supposed to be 88 (according to my car) but the breeze was perfect.


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