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A panosphere. That’s what we made in my photography workshop the other day. I tried to look up the definition of the word, without any luck.  Googling didn’t work and it’s not in the dictionary app in my laptop. The examples I found online were made as I had assumed our image was made, with multiple images.  But in the class we just used one photo, and it was manipulated in Photoshop. I’m so lucky to have these workshops available to me. It would be impossible to attempt to use Photoshop without coaching. Kudos to Alice Herden from

We went out to take landscape photos at the class to use in the project.  I complained that I don’t like taking photos on the spot when I’m really not sure what was needed as an image for our project.  But I liked the result a lot.  Every day since I’ve smugly thought I’d make a better one, and I certainly had plenty of photos in the computer, so I’ve been trying to out-do myself, and nearly gave up.



I had to laugh at myself for calling one a panograph, I decided to quit after that.  But I tried one more time today and turned this,resizedsalvageyardInto this.salvageyardpanosphere2I think I’m done.  If only I could think of a use for them…

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