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There’s an app for that…

When I first became interested in taking better pictures with my iPhone I took the classes offered by the  They were great, and opening Facebook every morning and seeing the fantastic photos that my fellow students were adding to the Facebook page was amazing.  But in addition to taking the photos my fellow students were using lots and lots of apps, enough to make your head spin.  And, of course, I tried my fair share of them and loved them.

I think that Waterlogue is my favorite, but not every photo works well with it.  But when it does it’s great!  I loved this passion flower photo, then I tried it in Waterlogue.  The photo above is after I took that image into another app called Glaze.  originalpassionflowerIMG_0360

Running a close second to Waterlogue is another app called Prisma.  I decided to make several more variations of the same photo as an illustration.  It’s a lot of fun to ‘play’ with these apps, and hard to know when you are done.  Provided you are ever done…


1 thought on “There’s an app for that…”

  1. It’s afternoon but I finally got around to reading my early morning entertainment that I enjoy with my coffee. You have shared your knowledge of some of these apps with me and they are lots of fun! Keep on learning girlfriend!

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