I’ve always loved bluebirds, but from afar. I loved the idea of them, little and round, with their adorable coloring. A bird straight out of a Disney movie. But it wasn’t until I retired and moved to FL, and was out walking the dogs every day, that I ever saw them in person. They can be found up on the utility wires pretty much daily. So you see them, and can see them just well enough to know that they are bluebirds, but that’s about it. Of course I wanted to take pictures, and, predictably, they were not great photos. I had the iPhone 6+ then and took this picture. 6+bluebirds

But the iPhone 7+ was coming out, with a zoom capability, and it was the bluebirds that I wanted to photograph that gave me the push to get a new phone. And this was the result.My foray into photo apps had me put that photo into one called Distressed Effects, which resulted in the photo above.  I love that edited photo, but the rest, not so much.7bluebirds.jpg

Better, but not good enough. Bluebirds were on my mind again when I found myself in Best Buy looking at DSLR cameras, with their 300 zoom feature. As I said, they are expensive neighbors. And my bluebird photos were still lacking, even with that new camera, but the DSLR turned out to be a great buy when shortly after I got it the Sandhill cranes hatched chicks right out back and the zoom let me follow their growth, and blog about it.  There are a series of eight postings about them in the archives.

The ironic thing is that after I got the DSLR camera and still was limited in getting a really good photo, I was out front with the dogs again, with only my phone, and took yet another picture, and got this one with the 7+.seven+bluebird

And so they remain my elusive, and expensive, little neighbors…

2 thoughts on “Bluebirds…”

  1. Up here in NH I have only sighted a few as they passed through, a pit stop at my feeder, and then off to the farm down the road that had bluebird houses! Beautiful birds and elusive for me too!

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