losing battles, nature, photography, rain, storms, sunset

Go with the flow…

If ‘go with the flow’ is a thing, then last night I put it into practice.  I went out for the sunset, and almost as soon as I left the house I saw dark clouds to the west.  But it so often looks ominous only to have the clouds blow over, and I’d loaded up my camera and such, so I kept going.  It made me think of a recent conversation during a photo class.  The teacher was explaining that you set up your camera for what you intend to shoot that day, which sounds good, but I seldom wind up with the photos I might have set out to take ahead of time.  So last night’s sunset looked like this…stormysunsetAnd the race was on.  I could hear thunder behind me, and then I could see the rain approaching to our left, but I still hoped the sunset would win the race.



But no, the sunset didn’t win, and neither did these canoers who were paddling like crazy but got drenched.  And when I gave up and headed home I’ll bet I didn’t go a mile and the storm was over.  Go with the flow, that’s been a must when it has come to the weather this summer.


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