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Float like a butterfly…

My recent birthday reminded me that I’m in the last of my 60s, a novel idea to me, as if it’s the last of my youth. And I’m still trying on ideas as I sit in the dark and quiet of the morning, and let my thoughts wander where they will. Like, maybe I’ll get an RV and travel to my heart’s content. That I’m not physically able to do all the tasks that might possibly be needed doesn’t occur to me. Not until I want to bend all the way down to the ground to take a photo from a very low level. That’ll wake a person up. That’s when the old lady in me kicks in, and I choose not to actually lay on the ground to get the shot. It probably wasn’t going to be that good anyhow, is what I tell myself. But I don’t dwell on the flexibility I may have lost, provided I had it in the first place, or anything else really. My mind just keeps flitting, like a butterfly, landing here and there, and then taking off again…


And if you are going to float like a butterfly then don’t forget to sting like a bee.

6 thoughts on “Float like a butterfly…”

    1. Considering that this botanical garden is only a couple of miles from here you might think I’d see some of these in my yard, but I only see the black swallowtails, which I haven’t seen there now that I think of it. And also the monarchs. It’s like they can read, they were all over the garden, but when I stepped into the Butterfly garden section it was like the movie The Birds! I didn’t know whereto try to focus. Thanks for the compliment.


  1. Love love love your pictures and stories, you have such a knack for writing! I don’t think my comments are anonymous because I fill in all the info! The anonymous NH person may still be out there.


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