Just say hello…

On the mornings that I have a photography class I often sit a little too long with my coffee and this computer. Then I rush to get in a dog walk and a shower, so I usually choose to go most of the way to class and if there is time I stop for a McMuffin. The last time I did this I was waiting for my order when one of the workers brought breakfast out to the gentleman standing beside me. He gave her a hug and wished her a nice day. I meant to tease him about hugging all the workers, but what I said was, “Do you hug all the girls in McDonalds?” So he hugged me, LOL. And we proceeded to have the nicest conversation while I ate my breakfast and we chatted before he left. We mostly talked about how nice it is when people connect, even for only a few minutes in a busy day. It was a such a pleasant little interlude and set the stage for the rest of the day.

We had a friend who worked for us in our dental office years ago. We were just a group of four and worked together for a very long time, so we came to know the patients like friends. When Nina got cancer the patients were wonderful to her, calling the office and telling her that they didn’t need to make an appointment, they just were thinking of her and wanted to know how she was doing. She said to me that she didn’t understand why the patients were being so nice to her, that she didn’t have ‘a very important job.’ I replied that perhaps the little conversations she had had with them as they made their appointments was the nicest moment of their day. The circumstances that resulted in our finding the perfect place to open our dental office made it feel very ‘meant to be’ to both of us. I sometimes wonder if the entire reason we were in that neighborhood, where we felt very directed to be when we found it, was so that one day Nina would feel that love and support when she needed it.

This world can feel so out of control these days, even to me who is still on a break from the ‘news’. But when you get right down to it, it seems to me that there are good people all around us everyday. People who would love to stop and chat for a second, all we have to do is just say hello…beachkids2