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When something catches my eye these days I’m probably going to take a picture of it, because it just might be something I’ll want to refer back to eventually.  Which means there are these pictures hanging around in this computer that amuse me, but probably will never see the light of day, and each one probably won’t be a post by itself, but together, well, maybe…

Take the photo above.  Who wouldn’t think a set of child’s footprints was cute, so I could use them somehow, right?  Well, it’s two right feet, not quite the image I intended.  How did I not notice that when I took the photo?  So it was two kids side by side?  Standing like flamingos?  I haven’t resorted to staging a photo so far, but it’s a thought…

camerapurseI was at the local mall in order to take some ‘street photos’ to use in yesterday’s post.  The problem was that there was hardly anyone in the mall, no two people greeting each other, no cute older couple holding hands.  But there was this, a camera purse, so darned cute.  And I almost bought it, and then I remembered that I’m a grown up,  More than a grown up, I’m a grown old.  So I saved some money and just took a picture…

unattendedchildrensign.jpgAnd this sign that was hanging on the wall of my local PetLuv, where I had taken the dogs to get their toenails clipped.  When they brought Ozzie back out to me they gently suggested that I bring him elsewhere next time.  He was good, they said, just so scared that his blood pressure was through the roof.  My big brave boy.  Maybe he got into the espresso…


No, this isn’t a 45 rpm record hanging from a tree, though that’s what it looked like to me, another dog walk revelation.  I’ve seen beautiful photos of spider webs in the past, but haven’t been able to capture an image of one until the other day.  I’m almost disappointed that this spider is an over-achiever.  The web is so filled in that it’s not as pretty as I hoped it would be.  But it led to meeting a neighbor I had never met before.  She marched herself out to ask me what I was doing.  From her angle I don’t think she could see the web, so even though I explained what I was doing I suspect that she suspects that I’m spying on her neighbors.  Especially since I took pictures two days in a row, and came back again on the first day in my car, and my Canon camera.  Un huh, she thinks I’m up to something.

And then there are these two.  Some photos just can’t be explained.

But these two kids do look familiar…

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