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Anticipating fall…

Fall has always been my favorite season. That nature puts on such a fabulous show every year is something I always found amazing. Even the fact that after fall comes winter didn’t spoil it for me, back when winter was an issue. I remember walking to school in the very early grades, and crunching as many leaves as possible on my way.  Fallen leaves, new pencil box, and the first day of school, they are tied together in my memory. But I must have condensed things because I went back home to New England last year in late September, and the only disappointing thing about the trip was that I was too early for the spectacular fall colors, though there were plenty of hints of color to tease me.

I took lots of photos, mainly in NH at my friend’s home and garden. It was a lovely visit, my favorite place with a very favorite person. After all the crazy weather this summer, the extreme heat, and sudden thunderstorms, fall sounds especially welcome. I think I’ll just look at photos and anticipate cooler weather…

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3 thoughts on “Anticipating fall…”

  1. We’ve already had a few days that felt “fallish” and a few nights too! It is always a beautiful season
    leading into the holidays, starting with Halloween and all the way through Christmas week! It’s not until then that the dreariness of winter sets in! Love the photos!

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