Enjoying flowers from afar…

Yes, I’m that person in the neighborhood. The one who’s yard perpetually looks as if the jungle will take over any minute. Edging, and mulching, and pruning, are just not my thing, but add the ridiculously hot sun out front lately, and the thunderstorms that pop up out of no where, and this is where we stand. I do keep up with the mowing, mostly, and I think I deserve a medal for that much at least. But summer is past it’s prime and we have survived, and I tell myself that it’ll be a pleasure to be out there all winter. I tell myself a lot of things.

But yesterday I swung by Lowe’s and Home Depot in case they had an Angel Trumpet for sale and I could get a good look at one close up. I wanted to see if you could see into the flower itself. But alas, no Angel Trumpet, but lots and lots of gorgeous flowers begging me to take them all home. And butterflies, and bugs! All the beauty I could ever want for my yard with none of the work.  And they’ll stay beautiful as long as they don’t come to live at my house.