‘Scientifically’ lazy…


I have followed Karen from The Art of Doing Stuff  for a long time.  She is hilarious, and even if I don’t own chickens, or utilize all her household hints, I always enjoy what she writes.  But Monday’s post?  I have to say I thought she wrote that one just for me.  When I read it I was amazed. It totally explains everything about me, most of which I beat myself up over.  She was talking about a book that links certain traits to your blood type. If this has any basis in reality I feel a LOT better about myself.

Quoting Karen,  “Apparently, according the book, people who have type O blood are workhorses.  They love manual labour and their bodies thrive on it.  Blood type A on the other hand are a bit more delicate.  They’re the loungers and relaxers of the world because they’re easily agitated by stress.  And that’s how their body performs the best.  Their body actually thrives on their laziness, anything too physical or stressful is too much for their delicate little constitutions. So you blood Type As aren’t just lazy, you’re scientifically lazy, which lends a certain authority to your binge watching of Netflix shows.”

And it’s funny that I read this while I was waiting for my eyes to dilate at the ophalmologist’s office.  It took forever for the dilation to wear off.  If there ever was a time that I would appreciate the dark and quiet, and my recliner, it would be while my pupils are dilated. Even after I’d been home for an hour I still had the brightness of my laptop turned way down and I stayed in the recliner all morning.  Darkness was my friend, but I didn’t feel guilty about it thanks to Karen.

I think I’m the poster child for Type A blood type people. Funny that blood type A people are the polar opposites the other interpretation of Type A personalities. I will now revel in my inert-ness!  Actually, Karen also mentions that the book is concerned with eating according to your blood type. Perhaps I could eat my way to a higher energy level? Maybe.  Will I read the book? Probably not, I’ll just enjoy my moment!  I’m not just lazy, I’m ‘scientifically’ lazy!

And as you can see, my dogs just might be blood type As also!sleepyZoe




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