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To delete, or not to delete…

Purging photos is a problem for me.  I leave no photos on the SIM card in the camera, mostly because I can’t see them well enough on the camera, and that means they’ll essentially be lost to me. Deleting photos works for a bit, but soon I’ll see a photo and wonder why I didn’t notice it before. I enlarge it on the screen and look at the details and tell myself. wow, I like that a lot. But then I look at the next one and it’s almost the same, so which one is better? Then I open the thumbnail view and discover that there are 14 of those photos, pretty much identical, and I look at each one in detail to see which is ‘best’. After a few episodes like that my eyes get really tired. Usually I wind up leaving that group of photos and moving on to blurry images that I don’t have to torture myself deciding whether to delete them or not. I’m not sure that I wind up deleting enough photos to make up for the 100s I take each time go out with the camera, but it’s better than nothing. And I do find some nice and/or quirky ones…

Like the old guy above who got roped into going shopping with his wife.  He’s making the best of things.  And below is one which was taken with a new wide angle add-on to my Canon Camera.  Yes, I did notice that if I opened the lens all the way I could see the rounded extension, but I figured I could crop it out.  The sunset was rained out, so I pulled out of the parking space right in front of that roofed picnic table, but I got out and took one last photo with the rain pouring down.  I came so close to deleting this one, then I opened up the filter gallery in photoshop, where I’ve never ‘played’ before, and tried something called plastic wrap.  There is something I like about this image, so I guess it’s a keeper.plasticwrapsunset

Then there are these birds on a wire at a shopping center near me.  I’ve seen them before, they look like they are in line waiting for something.  Not only on the wire, but in the trees too.  Why?  Or maybe, why not?birdsonawire

And another spider web.  My neighbor has stopped wondering what I’m doing out there.angledspiderwebOn the left we have a tattoo I spotted online the other day.  It’s seafoam, and I see that, but I had to laugh because I think my arm looks just like that nearly every work day.  Reaching into the icing bucket to ice pastries will do that to you.  Do you think they got the idea for that tattoo from me?

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