A cautionary tail…

I mean tale. When you hear about a little runt of the litter puppy, all you hear is the runt of the litter part. And then you hear that the woman who bred him doesn’t want to sell him. No, she wants to give him to the right people so he’ll get a good home. She is afraid that if she sells him he might not be treated right because he won’t grow into the size dog he’s supposed to be. Yes, this 6 1/2 pound puppy is an English Mastiff! Except that’s the part that you are letting slip past you, concentrating instead on the fact that he is 1/3 the size of his litter mates, and he NEEDS you. We met him one week and had to wait a week to bring him home, I asked my husband when he’d looked forward to his birthday so much, because Ozzie came home on Charley’s 61st birthday.  I called him my ‘teacup mastiff’, but that stage didn’t last long…


Do you think it was the large breed dogfood that did it?PAOzzie

3 thoughts on “A cautionary tail…”

  1. I think one of our Airedales was the runt but I can’t remember which, they were close in size, anyway.
    In a couple of weeks we will have us a new Airedale puppy! Can’t wait! Wish me luck!

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