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Edgewater Drive Sunset…

Edgewater Drive Park runs along the water from Dunedin to Clearwater.  It’s a nice green space with a sidewalk and benches to sit on.  In the evening people gather along it’s length to watch the sunset, and walk, some with their dogs.  There are houses lining the other side of the street, facing the park and the water, and Charley and I thought it looked like a perfect place to live.  Pricey of course, but perfect.

I went there about a month ago, actually to the Dunedin marina that I had enjoyed last year, but was I was disappointed.  The pier where I had stood to watch the sunset was closed to pedestrians, and the boats were packed so tightly into the marina that it was hard to position yourself for good photos.  But with a marina, a sunset pier, and an adjacent park it’s no wonder I had wanted to go back.