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Muscovy ducks…

When it’s not thundering out there the lake is a serene sort of place. The Ibises deal with the heat by enjoying a nice patch of shade, but then there is always that one who just can’t get enough sun.


A family of ducks were a surprise there there this week, so I went back inside for the camera, but another lake creature sent them swimming to the other side of the lake. The little blue heron objected to Zoe also. We do disturb the peace and quiet out there pretty regularly.


A few days later I went outside with the camera, and no dogs, to take some pictures of the ducklings. Then I got online to see if I could see what sort of duck they are. I didn’t think that their orange/red faces were anything I’d seen before. But from what I learned on the internet they seem to be Muscovy ducks. And then it hit me that these are the ducks that took over my son’s neighborhood at his first house in Florida. And they were ugly! Lumpy red heads!  I’m hoping I’m wrong about that…


Here are a few images from the internet, sigh…


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