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Hammond’s Creek Bridge…

Hammond’s Creek Bridge as a destination for a sunrise/sunset photo shoot probably sounds more impressive than it really is. You take a winding, two lane, country road around a couple of near hairpin turns until you come to a bridge that spans a creek, and you are there. The bridge is wide enough that there is room enough to pull off in each direction, probably for fishermen to fish from the bridge. You can stand on one side of the bridge for a very nicely composed sunrise shot, or you could cross the road for an equally nice sunset shot. It is quiet, and for the most part solitary, which makes an early morning photo shoot a bit scary when you hear a splash into the water. Probably a fish, but I confess that I wondered about alligators when I was there the first time and the splash sounded so loud. Alligators probably creep silently, but I didn’t think of that then. And a nearby rooster announcing the sunrise adds a certain ambiance.

The sunset hour has the fishermen bringing their boats back into the little launch area just beyond the bridge. They throw scraps to the seagulls who circle the area in a frenzy, making for nice images against the sunset colors.  But that was last time I’d been there for a sunset.  Before I had a nice zoom lens.  And that’s the mental image that caused me to go back to this bridge for a sunrise and sunset recently.  After all the rain I thought that boaters would have taken advantage of a nice day and surely had taken their boats out and would be retuning.  But not this time.  No, not fancy, but it’ll do…hammondsunriseheronsunriseheronsunrise2hammondsunset