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Severe weather alert…

Considering the recent weather in Texas I apologize for using this title, but this summer my phone has gotten these alarming weather alerts daily.  Most of them don’t pan out, or we have a thunderstorm that only last a few minutes, so it’s easy to ignore them.  But a few days ago my neighbor was on her lanai when a tree very close by took a direct lightning strike.  What a sound that made!  So we do need to pay attention when we get the alerts.

We were under one today when Zoe decided to she just had to go out.  That was annoying, but it wasn’t raining yet so off we went.  Then I paid no attention to the dogs because the elephant ear plant next door was blowing in the breeze, so I got my camera to see if I could capture the movement.  Meanwhile, the dogs were merrily swimming, and eating grass, and doing what comes naturally after eating grass.  But I was busy.

Besides the elephant ear plant, there was the sky!  A happy face in the clouds I think.  Plus one cloud with faint rainbow colors!  Dramatic sky, for a weather alert that didn’t pan out.  It cooled off so much I should have gotten the mower out, but that would have brought the rain for sure.


And there was one more surprise out there.  But my new little friend wants to keep his presence on the down low.  So don’t tell anyone!ShhWhen I came in I laid my phone on the table and this is what I saw, so of course I had to click…


Now to get back to writing a blog post, which is what I was doing when I was so rudely interrupted…

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