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Bugging out…

When I was about five years old or so I got really mad at God.  I couldn’t understand why in the world he had created bugs, I was sure that we would have been just fine without them.  Then we were taught some basic circle-of-life facts and I was disappointed to discover just how essential bugs are to the planet.  I’ve been tolerating them ever since then, but I still wasn’t a fan.  It wasn’t all that long ago that I’d have bet money that I’d never take an insect photography class.  But that was before I found the classes offered by  So guess what I did today, half to improve my photography skills, and half because I enjoy the group?  Yes, a nature hike in search of bugs, and it was fun, but hot, hiking at a nature preserve called Big Pine.  Another hiker said that he saw two rattlesnakes and a wolf, but thank goodness we only saw bugs.  Here are a few who were particularly cooperative, I thought they were pretty photogenic.


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