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Hurricane mode…

Hurricane mentality has taken over in my little corner of Tampa Bay.  All of Florida I suppose, but I can only speak for the grocery store where I work.  Water, bread, and toilet paper are pretty much gone.  Trucks that are supposed to be coming with more supplies are possibly not coming, and aren’t necessarily bringing what was ordered if they do come.  Gas stations are in the same situation, with lines at the pumps and stations running out of gas daily.  So far people have been surprisingly patient and understanding.  As the storm gets closer we’ll see what happens.

One neighbor is in a panic and is evacuating. By default, and since I’m not leaving, I’m supposed to look out for her chickens. They are going the whole nine yards, boarding up their windows and all. It scared me to see how scared this neighbor was, and I wondered what weather report she had seen that I hadn’t seen.

On the news we are seeing bumper to bumper traffic on Rt. 75, the main highway that goes north and south up the center of the state.  I would assume that most of these people are from much further south the we are, Miami and the keys, and who are doing the right thing by coming north. Today I heard that our more local north/south road, Rt. 19, was clogged with cars and not moving.  Apparently deciding to leave and actually leaving are two different things. I’ve always been frustrated with people who stubbornly stay during natural disasters and then have to be rescued. It must be the fireman’s daughter in me that doesn’t want to see someone else risk their life to rescue another person who made a choice that didn’t work out.  Now I’m choosing to stay and worrying that I might become one of those people.

My other neighbor, and all my coworkers, are staying.  I was happy to see that there is a ‘special needs’ shelter in my county, for people with health issues like needing oxygen.  I have a friend in that situation and I was worried about her.  Losing power for an extended period is my biggest worry for her.  And for me also.  If power is out for long enough I’ll not be able to use the computer, etc., so I may not be able to add blog posts. Guess I’ll have to locate an actual deck of cards, there may be a lot of candlelight solitaire in my future.  solotaire