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The calm before the storm…

It was such a pretty day. Blue skies and puffy clouds. No hint of the weather system that has us in it’s sights. It may not have been the best timing, but today I had my jungle out front whipped into shape by a local company, True Family Lawn Care & Landscaping. They did a great job and I thought the price was very fair. I’m a DIYer and it really bothers me to have to cry uncle and pay to have work done that I could, in theory, do myself. But the daily rains all summer had caused the weeds to grow like crazy, and they assured me that many people had also not been able to keep up. So for a few brief moments it looks great, photo worthy even, but we’ll see what the hurricane does to it.


The flip side of the sunset out back was very pretty also, prettier than the sunset out front. There could be no driving to my favorite sunset observation spots because they are all under mandatory evacuation orders at the moment, and I wouldn’t be allowed into the area unless I was resident with ID.


I was surprised to see a dragonfly who was determined to investigate the newly trimmed Crepe Myrtle branch. What will he do when Irma gets there? What will all the little creatures do? And what about us, how will we do?purpledragonfly2