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Thoughts while we wait…

With the storm front and center in every conversation the past few days it’s hard to think of much of anything else. But when I saw the truck above as I arrived at work yesterday morning it brought back a pleasant memory from a few years ago. I had been seeing trucks like this, hauling trailers loaded with cages, in the parking lot fairly regularly, but hadn’t paid much attention to them. Little enough attention that I had assumed that they held chickens headed to market. But one evening Charley and I were having dinner at the bar in Applebee’s just up the street from the store, and we got to talking with another customer.  Eventually the conversation turned to homing pigeons. Turns out there is a good sized group of people in the area who keep, and race, homing pigeons. That’s when it dawned on me that those cages I was seeing were holding pigeons and not chickens.

The trucks meet at my store and load up the pigeons of the competitors and then drive them to Tennessee for the start of the race. The pigeons are banded, and their start and finish times are recorded electronically. He said that it’s a big enough activity that there are pigeons who are worth $50,000, based on their speed. It was interesting to hear about an activity that was totally new to me, and I was curious and told the man that I could understand the pigeons having a urge to fly back home, but I had to ask what makes them make the trip at top speed. His answer surprised me. He said that when the pigeons arrive home from a race is the only time they are allowed to fraternize with pigeons of the opposite sex. I guess that would be an incentive wouldn’t it?

A nice memory to think of while I packed the donuts …


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