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Waiting for Irma…

This waiting for a hurricane is a lot like watching paint dry. Not that I’m complaining because, as you can see, it’s been quite subdued so far, well, except for taking out my screen.  But I know there will be excitement soon enough. screen

People have been in shelters for days now if they heeded the orders to evacuate when they first called for it. I’m not in an evacuation zone, so I didn’t choose to stay on a whim. But as soon as the storm hit the news there was a run on bread, water, and toilet paper at the stores. People headed north on the highways, in bumper to bumper traffic. There were long lines at the gas stations, and they ran out of gas regularly, so loading up the car and heading out with the dogs seemed to have potential for getting stuck and riding the storm out in the car. For every house with boarded up windows there are 20, like mine, that aren’t boarded up. And the days have gone by and still we wait.

Overnight tonight is when it’s supposed to impact my area. I have readied the house, filled the bathtub with water though I’m not entirely sure why. Loaded bags of ice into the freezer. Brought in all the outdoor furniture. Before we lose electricity I did all the laundry and ironed all the clothes, and all my electronic devices are fully charged. I even emptied out the walk in closet and padded the floor with the outdoor furniture cushions, as suggested, so that the dogs and I can sleep in there while Irma rages. If needed of course, but I hope it isn’t.  I’ve been dreading the day the electric company comes along and chops a big chunk out of the magnolia tree out front because the power lines run through it. It’s a pretty tree, I hope it doesn’t take out the electricity tonight.

In all the clean up I found the remote to the Roku device, so now I can binge watch something on Netflix, as long as the electricity lasts. It’ll help pass the time.  And we wait.

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